17 inch Black Mustang Cobra Wheels and Tires


Something lacking in looks department?  Want to improve the look of your FOX body Mustang?  Need to find the perfect set of Mustang wheels and tires?  This set of black Ford Mustang Corba wheels and tires will dramatically improve the look of your LX, GT, 5.0, Coupe, Convertible, or Cobra Ford Mustang. 


Description:    4 new 17 x 8" Black Mustang Cobra R style deep lip wheels and tires


Questions:   Please call 954-762-7624


Fits:   All Mustangs 1979 - 1993


Wheels:   17 x 8" - 15mm  - 4 on 4.25   The wheels are manufactured in a original equipment plant to highest standard of engineering specification.  They are DOT, JWL, VIA and TUV approved.  They are side impact and load bearing tested.  They are manufactured with the highest quality A-365.2 virgin aluminum.  The finish is superior and we are the manufacturer.


Finish:   Black.  They are a powder coat, clear coat finish and not a one stage enamel.  This is the correct way to finish a wheel.  They have an absolutely beautiful finish with a superior sheen due to the additional layer of clear coat.   The photograph does not depict the superior finish of the wheel.


Center caps:   Chrome lugnut package and Cobra style center caps are included.


Tires:  245-45-17 Nankang NS1.   This is a low profile radial with a wide footprint for aggressive handing on tight turns and better performance on wet roads.  The stylish directional grooves enhance steering stability, increase rapid wet drainage, and reduced roll. UTQG rating:  340 Treadware  /  Traction A  /  Temperature A.  A great tire.


Balancing:  Performed on the latest Hunter road-force machine.  This is the newest and most innovative balancer on the market today.  It is used in the Indy and NASCAR circuit.  This machine has the ability to calibrate the tire and wheel while simulating the weight of the vehicle.  It simulates a road test and measures uniformity of the wheel and tire under load, diagnosing the correct placement of the tire to the wheel.  This machine allows the best balance possible on the market today. 

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